Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My dad calls my room a "girl cave" because I practically hide out and hang out and live in the place. Well, that is kind of the reason I spruced up the place. The walls were all green prior to the paint project. I love the green color, but blank walls are so 10 years ago. After my sister moved out and I, recently graduated, moved back in I took the liberty of making MY SPACE a nice little place to retreat.

 I love being outdoors and looking out at the critters playing among the branches. Yes, although these trees have no leaves I didn't want to overwhelm the walls. I wanted something more simple. Also, the leave-less trees work well for adding little details here and there to the branches. I have since added some pressed/laminated flowers and pictures in place of the leaves. Not too many though. I don't want my trees to look like the Bead tree in Florida :/...

The trees were drawn completely free hand. I drew the trees with chalk first and then splashed on some paint. They came out pretty good! 

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