Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bats and Beats

If you don't know me already, you should know I am a HUGE fan of Batman. I believe he trumps all the other superheros. He has no mystical/magical powers, and still kicks ass using his wits, technology, and some trusty sidekicks. He's basically old school badass! 

Anyways, during high school I had a huge crush on the guitarist for a band called FALL OUT BOY. The guitarist's clothing line symbol (or one of the symbols) was this bat with a heart in the center (Left). For that, I thought that me and Pete Wentz shared a love for the most kick ass superhero ever created. Let me tell you, I was googly eyed for the dark mysterious brunette with the side swept hair, manliner, and bad boy persona...But I was a naive teenager haha. Now I've grown out of the I guess teenagers call it "emo" look of past days. I could go on about the many conversations of Fall Out Boy and seeing them in concert with my friend, but I'm sure you're just interested in my photo :) 

Long story short, took up some skateboarding back in H.S. so me and my little brother could have something to do together. I took one of his old boards and sanded down the fading spiderman decals and put on a coat of red and my version of a bat signal. Sadly after one drop-in (boarding term) and a messed up wrist later I gave up boarding and opted for another sport. Now I can hang it up on my wall to recall wonderful memories of my Fall Out Boy adventures :D
Right: sand paper, spray paint, cardboard cutout 

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