Monday, January 18, 2016


It's been a while...since my last attempt at a post I had gone through a period of some intense self-questioning. Thankfully, I have since arisen from the ashes of gloom with lessons learnt and eager to unleash my creative prowess!

What's to come....

***Room revamp. Going for that forest by the ocean kinda feels
 A little bit of this....

 With hopefully a color close to this...sooooo many paint options. Can't. Pick. One.

 Gorgeous bed sheets!

Loving the simple and light pairing :D

....Before and after shots to come...
** Furniture making
I REALLY want to DIY a patio bench...maybe I'll take a Wood Shop class?

Finally create a super cool planter with some awesome herbs :3

*Some water painting?? need to get my desk situated...
I miss my water colors.

~Continua <3