Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Live figure drawing

Figure drawing I can say is the most difficult to accomplish for many beginners. I think my fellow artists would agree. Nature is made of many geometric shapes that can easily be broken down and understood. The human body...is rather difficult to see the geometry. There are so many curvilinear lines and grooves that can overwhelm the viewer. 

I have to say the female body is much easier to capture in a sketch, than a male body. That's my opinion. The female body is so curvaceous that there is hardly any effort once you gain control of your drawing utensil. The male on the other hand has..is like a rock -there are rigid edges, sharp points, nooks and crannies and somehow still has a smooth surface. I know drawing a man is not as hard as I'm probably describing, but it sure seemed difficult. Then, it may have been the pose. :/

Well, here are a few sketches from my live figure drawing session for a drawing course. Pretty good eh!...at least for someone who can barely draw a decent human body. 
 Charcoal sketch (male)
 Charcoal sketch (female)
Charcoal sketch (figure)

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