Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Art of Baking


So, art isn't ALWAYS just pen and paper. Sometimes it encompasses food. Since I've made my move back to Northern California I've stepped into a baking frenzy. Within the span of a month I've made the following:

Banana oatmeal cookies
oatmeal cookies (almost every day)
fig muffins
oatmeal muffins
potato & cheese popovers
Peppermint brownies (which you can see below)

What has caused this baking frenzy I've still no clue...but i've had some really tasty experiments to share with others. :) 

This particular experiment came from the mind of an 8 yr old. So I usually send whatever I've baked over to my neighbor and her two daughters. So they're aware of my baking badassery (yeah that's a word!) and today it was one of the girls birthday and she asked if they could bake some peppermint cookies. Being her birthday I was like "hells yeah girlfriend!" (but in more pg lingo) haha As you see these aren't quite cookies, but they came out pretty awesome nonetheless. 

For a run down...
we crushed the peppermint candies into bits and pieces
Threw them in the brownie mix
Baked those babies
Made some vanilla whip cream 
took out the brownies and topped it all off with the cream and peppermint bits

So we baked some awesome peppermint brownies, played some board games, and ate a LOT of sugar.  By the girls' reactions, they had a great time. So this was a success. 

Molto Amore

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