Sunday, April 13, 2014

Old School Does New School

I've been wanting an Atari wallet ever since I found out that such a contraption is possible. So I set forth to look for our atari game collection for games we had duplicates of or could spare.

So I found these:

and magic ensued...
 Took the guts out...

 Filed & painted...


 This piece was originally from the black Atari cartridge. I painted it white and used it as an insert for the Donkey Kong wallet.

 Added hinges, taken off of $1 boxes from Jo-Anns 

To both cartridges... 


Fully Functional and for the most part, done. The white/DK cartridge just needs a bill holder. 

For the dismantling and assembly of these wallets I used: 
-wire cutters
-small metal file 
-Elmers Super Glue
-small hinges (jewelry box hinges)
-small screw drivers

**BEFORE YOU PRY OPEN CARTRIDGE, make sure to take out the screws hidden in the front (behind images) of games. It will make the games a bit easier to open and you won't mess it up. 

I started to use a small saw to take off the plastic guts...then gave the wire cutters a try and it made the cuts a lot cleaner. I pinched parts of the plastic I wanted to remove and lightly hammered the plastic pieces. They came off nicely. Filed down all the bumps and cuts I missed and started assembling pieces. I spray painted the insides of both cartridges..just so the insides look cleaner. I think they came out pretty good. 

Excited to whip these babies out on my next purchase! :D

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