Monday, January 21, 2013

% Under the Cover of Night %

 9"x 11" Charcoal on drawing paper
6"x 8" prismacolor pencil w/ chalk pastels & pen

Decided to make this post Owl Themed. Here is an abstract and representational drawing of owls. As one may have concluded from past drawings...I'm a fan of the feathered friend. They are truly beautiful creatures. My favorite of the birds is the pygmy owl. It's so adorable. I would insert an image, but this isn't a "post cute bird photos" blog. ;P 

A little about each, I suppose I could start with the top one first. I was going through a phase of sleepless nights and late nights make me think of all the things that come alive at night. The owl being the most popular creature of the night, I decided to attempt at a representational drawing of an owl. Of course, I was not going to wait outside in the cold for some magical owl to drop by and pose for me for a few hours. Although I have spotted and heard one on the occasional night. Maybe it's Harry Potter's? eh eh? Yeah, not much of a Harry Potter fan. Sorry, but my loyalty lies with Lion Witch and the Wardrobe and Game of Thrones. But I digress.

So, one night I researched some owl photos (body, wings, etc.), picked up my pencil (in this case charcoal) and started making magic happen. I'm actually quite proud of how this lit'r fell'r turned out. Did not do any erasing, other than to create the feather texture and patterning. 

Now, the abstract drawing of an owl came from a doodle I found in one of my notebooks from school. I believe I was initially trying to draw a swan/dragon of some sort. I think this drawing took place during my sleepless night phase. I tell you, birds of a feather flock together :) I mean, my mind is always soaring and try to dance as gracefully as a swan when no one is looking...ok, maybe I've shared too much. 

After turning my sketch into an abstract image I added some color. I really like working with the greens and yellows and wanted to practice blending and mixing the different shades and tones. So that explains my color choices. I added the white highlights to sort of embellish different sides facing toward a "light source." I still need work on the lighting aspect, but I think I can slide if I push the abstract concept :). 

In conclusion, owls are beautiful, and may just be my animal spirit. 

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