Wednesday, January 30, 2013

↣ My Bloody Valentine ↢

Hey, Cupid flew by and left a message: He wants his bow and quiver of arrows back. Yeah, he's pretty upset that you just unleashed a rainstorm of arrows among an unsuspecting crowd.

Now, isn't St. Valentine's Day just lovely?!...No? Well, someone dodged the rainfall of cupid's arrows. I have to say. Valentines Day is a hit or miss kinda deal.

You've either been showered with the lovely affections of strangers, and loved ones to the point where you're flying as high as cupid
You're lurking in the darkly shadows mumbling curses at the bumbling idiots who spend unnecessary amounts of money on Valentine's Gifts and romancing one another.

I may just be a bit more of the lurking in darkly shadows kind. I say that only because I've never had a Valentine. Yes, I admit to being a bit of a scrooge and grinch on a day designated for much loveliness. The day only brings memories of failed attempts to win my crushes over in Middle School and High School. :/....

However!!! This year, I shall come out of those darkly shadows and prance around like one of those bumbling idiots that couldn't find cover when cupid's arrows came crashing down among every Who-Ha in Who-Ville. YES, I SHALL BE CUPID'S SIDEKICK- SPREADING LOVELINESS TO THE CITIZENS OF THE WORLD!!!!....well, at least to my loyal and devoted followers and readers :)

Sorry, I got a little carried away with the comic book narrative there. Now on to the important stuff. I know that this is a pretty text heavy post, but I just wanted to create a monologue-dialogue with my viewers. Monologue-with me talking incessantly & dialogue- Hoping that my audience gives some feed back on their thoughts about St. Valentines Day. Are you a scrooge or a sucker for all things lovely?

Also, I am currently working on a sculpture, dedicated to all my viewers here! :) I wanted to enter my sculpture in the dA Center for the Arts 'Simply Red' Show ( Unfortunately, my busy schedule and this cold weather, that's been making random trips, has slowed progress. So, I decided to do my own Valentine's day project. I'm hoping  it comes out the way I envisioned it. SUPER EXCITED and will be working on it this weekend. Hoping that the weather is a lot nicer, seeing that my workspace is in the garage (which can get pretty cold). So I haven't done any sculpture pieces since my Junior year in college. Let's hope I still have the magic :)

So tempted to give previews...BUT I don't want to ruin the surprise. So here is a picture of a lovely cat meanwhile <3
(Sorry Erik, Pom Pom is MY Valentine)

Until V-Day,
Molto Amore!

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  1. I'm totally a scrooge. I've even had a Valentine's before but I'm still a scrooge. I still call it Anna Howard Shaw Galentine's Day. I just feel like that much public I want to see the sculpture!!