Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Design Concepts

Every year the design students are asked to submit their best projects to the gallery on campus. As an intern at the gallery, I was to come up with some ideas for the contest logo. Here is one of my ideas. 

 I love how the orange and yellow pop out against the black and green colors. I did not do any pre-sketching. Just went for it, with marker in hand. Sometimes I'm a genius, I know. :) Of course, there were four other interns that submitted ideas-all of which were design students. I was the only non-design (Art History) intern. Their logos were done via computer...mine, by hand. There ideas were cool, clean, and clever. BUT my ideas were fun, playful, and from the heart. Does that count? Guess not so much, since my ideas didn't make the cut...but I digress. 

Prismacolor marker on trace paper

I was going for a reflective effect. A work in progress. I would say the colors pop more in the physical copy than this image. My photoshop version hits the spot a little better...except I believe I deleted it. Hrmph :(...Well, I prefer this one over a computerized image any day. 

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